Ben Hammond is currently located in Colorado. He frequents New England and Florida and has been known to make his way just about anywhere around the globe.


"Funky… guitar-looping, beat-boxing, soul-singing… powerhouse Ben Hammond" (Sarasota Herald Tribune) performs a wide range of groove-oriented acoustic music, original compositions and reimagined cover songs.

Born in the foothills of the White Mountains, Ben's first musical endeavors outside rural New England took him north to McGill University where he received a degree in Music Technology and Jazz Voice, worked the city's live music circuit in several bands and appeared as a guest performer at the Montreal Jazz Festival. For the past decade, he has since made his living exclusively through music, relentlessly touring all four corners of the United States, Southeast Asia and New Zealand, combining his dual passions of travel and music. Predominantly a soloist, he also shines in duo and band settings, layering his unique style with varied talent from around the world.

While not on the road, Ben has been active in the studio, producing 3 full length albums (10,000 independently sold and counting), multiple music videos, and a live concert DVD "Solo at Stone Mountain Arts Center". Thousands of shows later at hundreds of venues, festivals and private events, Hammond has honed his smooth, energetic style and is one of the most sought after musicians in those places he's called home. He is wildly excited about his recent move to the front range of Colorado, and the chance to bring his engaging music to a whole new audience. As noted by the Portland Press Herald: "Hammond is a versatile musician who writes memorable originals, delivers when he decides to cover someone, and uses his guitar, voice and gadgets to create a sound that you want to keep hearing."

Band Member(s)

Ben Hammond
Live Shows: Vocals, Acoustic and Electric Guitar, Vocal Percussion, Live-Looping, and often Upright Bass.
In Studio: All of the above plus Electric Bass, Keyboards, Theremin, Didgeridoo, whatever else I can get my hands on...

And Friends
Danny Berglund: Drums. Steve Duerst (Devon Allman Band): Bass. John Patti: Steel Pans, Percussion. Kindred: Vocals. James Dabone (Ari and the Alibis): Horns. Matt Frost: Piano, Keyboards, Production, Engineering. John Werner (Come Back Alice): Bass Kelly Muse: Piano, Bass. Andy Robbins: Drums. Joe DiVita: Bass, Drums, Steel Pans, Hellcat. Chris Guertin: Bass. Cort Farris: Drums, Steel Pan, Percussion. Daniel Brock: Bass. Garrett Dawson (Kettle of Fish): Drums. Sandi Grecco: Drums, Bass.
Occasional / Former Collaborations: Gabe Nespoli: Keys. Pedro Arevalo (Dickey Betts): Bass. Mäike: Trumpets. Kweku Sam Kwofie: Rap, Backing Vocals. Lindsay Brie Hamilton: Backing Vocals. Zach Finkelstein: Backing Vocals. Gabi Epstein: Backing Vocals. Scott McGuffin: Bodhran. Jeremy Cain: Elec. Guitar. Mikael Tobias: Elec. Guitar. Mick Mendelsohn: Elec. Guitar. Reuben Ghose: Co-production, Mixing Engineer. Nico Dann: Drums. Dan Fortin: Bass. Jon Lindhorst: Sax. Sedgie Ogilvy: Vocals, Keys. Kevin Fallis: Bass. Paul Lambert: Guitars. Anita Eccleston: Trumpet. Jason Sharpe: Bari Sax. Andrea Dawes: Violin, Viola. Jeremy and Jason: Violas. Jess Billings-White: Cello. Kevin Warren: Drums. Mick Mendelsohn: Bass (in Montreal).


Ben has collaborated with the following groups and artists:
John Patti Project "Meeting of the Minds" and "Meet Me In The Keys" in Key West, and multiple concerts including "A Calyp-soul Christmas".
Ranee Lee on Juno-nominated CD "Maple Grove".
Joel Miller and Mandala at a sold-out concert in the Montreal International Jazz Festival.
Ardesco A Cappella
Effusion A Cappella