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Lyrics, Sheet Music, Tabs
Ben Hammond Friction - CD Cover

"Friction" 2014 (BMI)

  1. 1) New Guitar [+lyrics] [+preview / buy mp3]
  2. 2) Just Like Me [+lyrics] [+preview / buy mp3]
  3. 3) Hipster Juliet (You Can Tell) [+video] [+lyrics] [+preview / buy mp3]
  4. 4) The Collector [+lyrics] [+preview / buy mp3]
  5. 5) Have I Lost You? (Featuring Kindred) [+video] [+lyrics] [+preview / buy mp3]
  6. 6) Friction [+lyrics] [+preview / buy mp3]
  7. 7) Can't Dream Without You [+video] [+lyrics] [+preview / buy mp3]
  8. 8) Somebody / No Sunshine (Live Looped Gotye / Bill Withers Mashup featuring Kindred and John Patti) [+video] [+preview / buy mp3]
  9. 9) Come Together / Dear Prudence (Live Looped Beatles Medley) [+preview / buy mp3]
  10. 10) Smoke Baby (Live Looped Hawksley Workman Cover) [+preview / buy mp3]
  11. 11) Possum Kingdom (Live Looped Toadies Cover) [+preview / buy mp3]
Ben Hammond Solo at Stone Mt - CD Cover

"Solo at Stone Mt Arts Center" 2011 (BMI)

  1. 1) Long Walk (Live A Cappella Jill Scott Cover) [+preview / buy mp3]
  2. 2) Worst Kind of Perfect (Live) [+lyrics] [+sheetmusic] [+preview / buy mp3]
  3. 3) Can't Dream Without You (Live) [+lyrics] [+preview / buy mp3]
  4. 4) The Collector (Live) [+lyrics] [+preview / buy mp3]
  5. 5) Doctor Girl (Live) [+lyrics] [+sheetmusic] [+preview / buy mp3]
  6. 6) When I'm Supposed To (Live) [+lyrics] [+sheetmusic] [+preview / buy mp3]
  7. 7) Another Friend (Live) [+lyrics] [+sheetmusic] [+preview / buy mp3]
  8. 8) Wintergreens (Live Instrumental) [+preview / buy mp3]
  9. 9) Except For You (Live) [+video] [+lyrics] [+sheetmusic] [+preview / buy mp3]
  10. 10) Just Like Me (Live) [+lyrics] [+preview / buy mp3]
  11. 11) Let's Get Alone (Live) [+video] [+lyrics] [+sheetmusic] [+preview / buy mp3]
  12. 12) Most Beautiful Girl In The Room (Live Flight of the Conchords Cover) [+preview / buy mp3]
  13. 13) Roady / Garden Grove (Live Fat Freddy's Drop / Sublime Mashup) [+preview / buy mp3]
Ben Hammond Reasonably Honest - CD Cover

"[Reasonably] Honest" 2008 (BMI)

  1. 1) Let's Get Alone [+video] [+lyrics] [+sheetmusic] [+preview / buy mp3]
  2. 2) Worst Kind of Perfect [+lyrics] [+sheetmusic] [+preview / buy mp3]
  3. 3) It's OK [+lyrics] [+sheetmusic] [+preview / buy mp3]
  4. 4) Lemme Know [+lyrics] [+sheetmusic] [+preview / buy mp3]
  5. 5) [interlude]
  6. 6) Touch [+video] [+lyrics] [+sheetmusic] [+preview / buy mp3]
  7. 7) Start Breathing [+lyrics] [+sheetmusic] [+preview / buy mp3]
  8. 8) When I'm Supposed To [+lyrics] [+sheetmusic] [+preview / buy mp3]
  9. 9) Even Though [+lyrics] [+sheetmusic] [+preview / buy mp3]
  10. 10) Another Friend [+lyrics] [+sheetmusic] [+preview / buy mp3]
  11. 11) Kezar [instrumental]* [+sheetmusic] [+preview / buy mp3]
  12. 12) No History* [+lyrics] [+sheetmusic] [+preview / buy mp3]
  13. 13) Doctor Girl* [+lyrics] [+sheetmusic] [+preview / buy mp3]
  14. 14) Except For You* [+lyrics] [+sheetmusic] [+preview / buy mp3]
  15. 15) Something New* [+video] [+lyrics] [+sheetmusic] [+preview / buy mp3]

*Tracks 11-15: Bonus Tracks Remixed / Remastered in July 2009 (available only on "[Reasonably] Honest Extended Edition").


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